Our Vision

Our Vision

God has called His church to be actively engaged in His mission in the world of making disciples. As we seek to glorify God by participating in this mission, several priorities guide our ministry.  

The priority to be biblical in what we do

The Bible is our foundation. Countryside is a Bible-based, Christ-focused, Gospel-centered, people-oriented church. Our approach to ministry is built on the premise that the Bible, as the revelation of God, communicates His will. Therefore, Scripture dictates both what we do and how we are to do it. From our worship services to our children’s ministries, we seek to keep the Bible central. This allows us to do God’s work, God’s way, with the ultimate aim to glorify God in all we do.

The priority to get people “done”

We view people not as a commodity, but as a priority. Since Jesus died for people, it is our aim to reach others with the Gospel and then build them as followers of Christ. We believe that while we are all still a “work in progress,” God uses maturing believers to do the work of ministry, which results in everyone’s maturity. God doesn’t use people to get things done; He builds people to get people “done.”

The priority to minister

The ministries of our church are the vehicles which build believers and evangelize the lost. Our ministries fall into three basic areas:
  1. Ministries of exaltation, which enable us to be a center for worship
  2. Ministries of evangelization, which enable us to be a center for outreach
  3. Ministries of edification, which enable us to be a center for training
Since God uses people to do the work of ministry, we are committed to help people discover, develop, and then deploy their spiritual gifts for service.

The priority to send

We understand that our role, both as individual believers and as a corporate body, is reproduction. We are to reproduce Christlike disciples, spiritual leaders, and biblical churches. This means that our corporate vision is to train up future pastors and missionaries who will be sent out to reproduce like-minded churches.