Brazil Update, Requests, Praise

Brazil Update, Requests, Praise

What a honor to host all the BGFM missionaries in our ministry region. Crystal and I have been working hard to prepare a week conference for all of the american missionaries with our mission. Pastor Kurt Seboe is here with his wife and he will be preaching to us for edification and the conference will be filled with important meetings and passing on the great need of our region. Pray for our missionaries to be edified and encouraged and for grace and strength for Crystal and myself. The Conference is from the 23-30th.

We will have all the missionaries farmed out to the local church ministries on Sunday and pray for our Ponta Verde church plant as we prepare for a special day of ministry. We are praying for God to bring over forty visitors to hear the gospel clearly proclaimed. Pray for souls to be saved and God to be glorified.

Just this last week, praise the Lord, Ully accepted Christ as her Savior. She had really showed interest and you can see the Holy Spirit working in her heart. She finally came to the point to confess publicly. Pray for her growth.

Thanks so much for your prayers and cares,

Roger for all