February Missions Update

February Missions Update

We are blessed to have both the Johansen family and the Warne family faithfully ministering as missionaries sent out from Countryside. Since we are their lone sending and supporting church, it is essential that we engage in supporting them not only financially, but also personally and through prayer. Below is a recent update from both families informing us of how they are doing and how we can be praying.

The Warnes in Mexico

It is hard to believe that we are already into February. We started the year celebrating 25 years of marriage of new year’s eve and then were able to bring Carmen, Rebeca, and Elda home after five years in the United States for Rebeca’s successful treatment to remove a massive brain tumor. We praise the Lord for the joy we have been experiencing having our family back home!

Then this month (Feb. 5) we celebrated the twelve year anniversary of the church in Jahuara 2, now being faithfully led by their own pastor, Norberto Cazarez! On the 7th Brian was invited to teach a group of pastors in Los Mochis; then on Sunday the 12th we had had a large evangelistic outreach activity for children to reach kids and their parents with the gospel in Mochicahui. Please continue to pray over the next few weeks for:

  • A lightning quick run up to the border (Feb. 15th-17th) – 500 miles each way
  • Mexican visa renewal process to begin this month (and prayerfully be finished before March 5th)
  • Continued progress on the house in Mochicahui
  • Spiritual wisdom and physical strength for many ministry opportunities
  • Preaching in San Miguel Feb. 26.
  • Salvation and marital restoration for Jorge and Itzel (currently receiving biblical counseling)
  • Brian going to Shepherd’s Conference (March 6th-10th) 

It is exciting to see how the Lord is working in answer to your prayers!

Your fellow servants,
Brian, Danyel, and Amy Warne

To learn more about the Warnes, you can see their bio here

The Johansens in Brazil

Elijah went up to a higher spot on Mt. Carmel and prayed for rain, but none came. Then he prayed again and none came. And he prayed again … and on the seventh time rain came. Persistent.

Pastor Eriomar was rejected twice for his US visa and thought it was done, but then someone encouraged him to go to Brasilia (which is our country’s capital) and he got his visa. So praise the Lord he will be traveling with myself and the leadership group going to the States on March 3rd. Pastor Eriomar is a man who has pastored our first church plant in Maceio and is a visionary for our region.

Pray for strength and details to be resolved as we have a very huge Carnaval retreat coming up next week and then after that the trip to the States.

Carnaval retreat is going to have Pastor Assis preaching at it. He will bring a bus-load of people from his church to participate. He is really excited and asks for prayer for the unsaved to get saved and that the saved get burdened to share Christ. The retreat is the 17th through the 22nd.

Ponta Verde church plant is growing. We have visitors bringing visitors. I just visited Aleksandro and his wife Kelly. They have two youth that go to our youth group. God is working in their lives, pray for the whole family to get into the Word and get saved. Continue to pray for Emanuella, Fred, Dani, Rafael, Cicero, Lourdes, Karla, Carlos and Vivi to trust in the gospel and commit their lives to Christ.

We are so thankful for our family and thought we would end sharing a little about the family:

  • Crystal of course works hard every day cleaning the home, preparing food, homeschooling the kids, and keeping up with ladies ministries and children’s ministries.
  • Joshua is sixteen and very grown up. He teaches English to make some money. He has a good testimony in the neighborhood and is starting discipleship. He helps with kids ministries as well as computer stuff in the church.
  • Jordan is thirteen and is very tall. He encourages our youth to be at church and helps with small kids ministry. He loves to play ball with the neighborhood kids.
  • Jonathan is ten and our PR man. He loves to communicate with everyone. He is a sensitive little guy and prays like an adult. He loves his bow and arrow set.
  • Juliana is seven and the princess among the boys. She likes to talk and ride her bike. She will sit and have tea with you if you visit.
  • James is a big three. He is talking more and knows how to win smiles. He loves to eat and ride in the car with dad. He likes to go to the airport and drink chocolate milk shakes.

Pray for our family to serve the Lord with gladness and for healthy bodies.

Thanks for your prayers and cares,
Roger and Crystal Johansen and family

For more about the Johansens, you can see their bio here.