February Missions Update

February Missions Update

God is at work all around the world. He is building his church; saving sinners and sanctifying saints. Countryside is privileged to support two missionaries from our own body who have followed God’s call to spread the gospel “to Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth,” (Acts 1:8). Both the Johansens in Brazil and the Warnes in Mexico are faithfully serving and depend on the support of this body. Below is an update on what God is doing through his servants from Countryside.

Brian and Danyel Warne

On February 24th we had the privilege of hosting over one hundred and fifty people at our home in Mochicahui from three churches and one mission for lunch and fellowship, a baptism, and our evening service. Several members of Iglesia Biblica Palabra de Cristo, our Lord’s growing church family here in Mochicahui participated with special music, including a duet from two of our youngest boys. Rebeca and Pastor Norberto from Jahuara 2 also sang for the glory of our Lord. It was a special blessing to have Daniel and Mariana visiting here as well; it was their first time back in Mexico since their wedding in September of 2011. Daniel faithfully preached God’s Word for family and friends. You can view more photos from the February 24th service here.

Another highlight was the opportunity to baptize my friend Antonio Bacasegua who has been growing greatly in the Lord since coming to know Christ in answer to several years of prayer. He worked much of last year with me building our house giving us many opportunities to talk about Christ. His wife Chala came to know Christ early on during our years of forming the mission in Mochicahui and has been a member since the founding of the church, which will celebrate its 4th anniversary on March 8th. Antonio has been an eager witness for Christ to family, friends and coworkers, some who came out to see his public profession of faith through the waters of baptism.

Jorge, another young man who has been attending the church over this past year recently has come to profess Christ as his Savior. Over the past year he has come to repentance from a life controlled by alcohol and has been reunited with his wife and three young children. Please continue to pray for him and for the Lord to work in the life of his wife Ilce.

Recently Danyel began leading our ladies through the book of 1 Peter during a weekly Bible study that has been very well attended. I have also been enjoying doing discipleship and evangelistic outreach with some of our younger men including a group from the college who come over to our home often and have been attending services. We will soon be starting a men’s study to focus on further developing leadership in their homes and in the church.

Just recently we were presented with the opportunity to purchase a large piece of land near our home that could serve well as a future location to build a church and leadership training facility. Pray with for the Lord’s wisdom concerning this possibility.

During the month of March, Alyssa Barney, a young lady from Countryside will be staying with us as she continues to visit several mission fields. And in mid-April a team from Calvary Baptist Church in Show Low, AZ is making plans to join us for a week of ministry. There has also been talk of a summer intern spending time with us this this year. And we are continuing to pray that Pastor Scott Nicoll and his wife Dori will be able to make it down this fall. Plans are in the works to have a dental team come down from Countryside in October to run another dental clinic outreach here in Mochicahui. Please pray for the Lord to provide and direct as we team together with others to impact our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are very thankful for the spacious home that the Lord has provided us here in Mochicahui and would be pleased to host others who might prayerfully consider if the Lord would have them join us in what He is doing here among the Mayos.

The mission team coming from Arizona in April will be helping us begin building a small structure that will be expanded over time to provide additional space to house future missions teams as well as Mexican national pastors who attend the leadership training conferences that we desire to provide in order to further assist in the development of biblically and theologically solid churches to accurately proclaim the Word of Christ. Those desiring to help sacrificially with the cost of building materials for this project can do so through Countryside Baptist Church by sending a note indicating your desire to assist with this project along with your gift.

Pray for the Lord to use His Word in the lives of others especially during these next months of March and April as Mochicahui will be filled the sights and sounds of traditional pagan Mayo Indian religious festivals.

May the proclamation of God’s Word continue to impact bring forth fruit to the glory of Jesus Christ!

Your fellow servants,

Brian & Danyel Warne

Calle Naranjo, Poste 8
Col. Primavera
Mochicahui (Los Mochis)
Sinaloa, México 81890

U.S. phone number to home in Mexico: (913) 712-9275

Roger and Crystal Johansen

“Fire!” is what we woke to at 4:00 in the morning a few weeks back.

Jonathan, Juliana and James share a room. The fan in their room is right near the head of James’ mattress. This fan caught on fire, and burned up the plastic on the wire. Jonathan dragged the fan out of the room, as he woke to the smell of burning plastic. Then, he woke us. Praise the Lord!, that no one got hurt. When we asked Jonathan about who unplugged the fan, he mentioned that he woke to it already unplugged and so he just dragged the burning fan out of the room to where we put it out in the shower. Praise the Lord that no one unplugged the fan getting shocked.

“Fire!” is how I started the evangelistic sermon.

Rio Largo is a town just outside of Maceio. It is a town that is growing with new homes and a factory coming in. We use to have an outreach there, and recently the Clima Bom church has revived the work there. We took our youth out there and did a big evangelistic open-air service. Pastor Eriomar had me preach the eternal gospel that can save one from the eternal flames. Luiza knew that God was calling her, and received Christ as her Savior. Luiza is 73 years old.

Paul said, “I thank my God always concerning you…” and this was to the Corinthian church (1 Cor. 1:4). What a tough group Paul had in Corinth, but yet he remembered that they were of God’s family and God would help in sanctifying them.

We don’t have the group of Corinth, but sometimes there are difficult ones in the church that make it hard to find something to be grateful for, but God is working…

Pray for the Ponta Verde people that are struggling to allow God to control their lives and allow Him to be first in all they do. Pray for the Ponta Verde people (Ponta Verde is the area of Maceio in which we are church planting) to seek to be faithful to serving in the local church.

I am thankful recently for some small but mature steps. A young man studying law named Antonio shared to ask forgiveness. He asked because God had convicted him that he was participating in a certain church event for the wrong motive and he wanted to do it for the right motive. Praise God for that growth.

I am thankful for two young men that led in devotions for the first time. The both shared with the youth group and both showed that they were nervous, but both did a fine job and were very thankful to participate in that way. It was a good opportunity to get into the Word with them and continue to see them grow.

I am thankful for Rochelle and Tarciso. One is a doctor and the other a federal lawyer. They both are older singles but are faithful in the church. They seek to serve with a joyful heart. It is so good to see the body working that way.

Keep praying for the Ponta Verde church that it will grow in maturity and function like Christ would want. Pray for more contacts and more souls reached with the eternal gospel. Thanks for your prayers and cares. Keep praying for upcoming events like:
1. Getting a new building for our Ponta Verde ministry

2. Eugeno, Karla, Rafael and Dani all do studies every week. Pray that they truly come to know the Lord.

3. Special Easter Outreach

4. Special Missions Conference ending with the first international missions trip from Maceio

5. In April we will take a group of 16 people to do a mission trip to Portugal. Pray for Missionary Roberto ( a Brazilian in Portugal) to have wisdom on how to use us in the best way for God’s work. Pray for our people to get more of a vision on how God can use the Brazilian church to reach the world.