New Site for 2011

New Site for 2011

We are excited to have some new features and a new design for our website (visit the home page if you haven’t seen it yet). Our hope is that this new site will better serve our body and better communicate to our community who we are. Here are some of the new things we have included in version 4.0 of! If you come across any bugs or errors, please let us know so we can address them! You can use the form on the contact page or email the office.

Latest Sermon on the Home Page
Statistics have shown the the most heavily trafficked page of our site is the sermon page. Rather than making you click over to the sermon page, you can just download it or listen to it on the home page.

New Content
Along with new content describing many of our ministries, we have also included our philosophy of worship on the new site. For those who are looking to visit a church, this is often one of the primary things they are interested in … they want to know what the music will be like. The way we do corporate worship is intentional, and we are glad to share with everyone our biblical convictions on the matter.

Sermon Archive
Coming soon will be a feature that has been requested many times in the past: an archive of past sermon audio. Soon you will be able to search past sermons by date, speaker, and title.

This will be a place to see articles from our pastors, recent news and current events, and contributions from members as well. Check back often for new posts or subscribe

Calendar of Events
Soon we will have our calendar page up to date with all church and ministry related events. Building reservations will also be made through the website, and availability of rooms can be checked there as well.